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You may have plans to grow your business and you may have plans to keep it secure and stable for many years. If so, then preparing for bumping problems ahead is not only suggested, but it is necessary.

Owning a business means being responsible for risks in many ways. Owning an artisan contractor business requires attention to the details and specificities of your growing business and the risks that are inherent in it. Not having this type of business insurance not only leaves your business exposed to the liability of any type of injury or damage, but it can also leave your employees at risk of not being covered in the event of an accident.


Owning and managing an artisan contractor business requires plenty of attention to detail. Artisan contractor liability insurance is just one aspect, but one of the most important ones. There are many ways in which you take on responsibility, and liability, just with the normal daily operations. You take on tons of risks every day, some which you may not be aware of.

Limit your risks and your risk exposure with artisan contractor liability insurance. Cover yourself in situations such as bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, and other circumstances.

Bodily Injury

People can get hurt in any type of working environment. If any person is hurt, either at work or in a remote job location, you can actually be sued in order to pay for the recovery and medical bills. Artisan contractor general liability insurance can cover you in these circumstances.

Property Damage

Being an artisan contractor can result in needing very specific coverage for your working environment. Property damage insurance is designed to cover you for the risks and exposures involved with your working situation. This will help cover the property you are working at, the equipment you are using, and may extend to cover some of the personal items you use to carry out your job.

Medical Payments

When there’s a liability for small injuries, the medical portion of your general liabilities policy can be a worthwhile and helpful coverage. There are many reasons while this would become a huge benefit.

Personal and Advertising Injury

In the case of commercial general liability insurance for artisan contractors, a protection for personal and advertising injury can be a very beneficial aspect. If a supplier, customer, or anyone were to claim that you or your business is making false statements, they can technically sue you for damages. There are many situations in which you might be surprised at which this would come in handy.

Products and Completed Operations

This type of insurance coverage protects you in case you have completed your work or finished rendering your services and problem arise after it. It can provide for many legal costs that may arise at a later date.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

This may seem like a specific type of insurance, but it is beneficial in many situations. If you ever rent a workshop or any space and the owner of the property requires that you have protection against loss or harm to the building or structure you are working in, then this coverage will help in those circumstances.