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Marketing has always been crucial for insurance agents, and this year is no different. The world of marketing has changed significantly in recent years, however, and insurance agents have to keep up with the times. Having a basic webpage and a simple social media presence isn’t enough to get the kind of customers that you want anymore.

These are the marketing strategies that insurance agents need for ultimate results in 2019.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is big and getting bigger, but insurance agents need to get creative to capture the benefits of video marketing. Many companies use marketing to capture back stage events, product videos, or how-to explanations. These probably won’t be big attractions for insurance clients. But that doesn’t mean that video doesn’t have its uses.

Customers may respond better and be more comfortable with someone whose face they can see. Instead of sending back a quick email response to a new customer lead, you could send them a quick video response, so that they can see your face and hear your intonation. Your website could also feature quick videos that break down some of the more complicated concepts in the insurance industry, making them more understandable for customers.

With high quality cameras in every cell phone, everyone has access to affordable video options.

Marketing Automation

One of the most key important marketing details is keeping your marketing regular. You need to tweet, or post to Facebook, or be on Instagram on a regular basis. But what if you’re busy? This is where automation comes in. You can prewrite posts or messages and schedule them for future times. If you do several of these in a row, you’ll always be ahead. When you get busy, you’ll have the time you need to catch up without worrying that you’re losing your audience.

You also need to automate your basic responses. If someone uses your website contact form to ask a basic question, they shouldn’t have to wait for you to physically type a response. They should get an immediate, automated email that answers their question.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can be incredibly beneficial, when done properly. Around a quarter of computer users use adblocker software, so spending your money on banner or sidebar ads may be inefficient. A better tactic may be promoting posts to get them in front of more eyes.

However you use social media advertising, make sure to keep a close eye on your metrics. Make sure that you’re getting the ROI you need, and remember that promoting something that has lousy content is worthless. Only promote your best work.

Brand Management

More than ever, companies need to actively manage their brand. It’s important that insurance agents provide a consolidated, professional face across all their media. From your website to your public Instagram feed, your manner should reflect what people get in person. By being conscious of your brand, you can be sure that you’re generating client trust and appreciation.

User Generated Content

One growing trend in marketing is user generated content. In the world of insurance, this has the potential to be really big. If a customer has a big claim that they’re able to get paid out with relative ease, ask if they’d be willing to write or record a statement about their experience. Encourage them to talk about your company, and then promote their experience.

Customers continue to trust personal recommendations more than marketing of any sort, so creating those recommendations can help move them along the sales funnel and encourage them to purchase insurance from you.

2019 looks to hold some exciting and incredible things for insurance agents. By carefully studying the marketing trends available, agents can make sure that they’re ideally positioned to connect with their audience and generate leads.