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TV / Satellite Cable Installer Insurance

The telecommunications industry is constantly being updated as new technology is invented. The TV/satellite cable equipment and wiring used today is different from what customers were using a decade ago. This means job security for installers whose services will be needed by customers who need to replace old equipment with the most advanced options on the market. But if you plan to be successful in this field, you will need a TV / Satellite cable installer insurance policy you can depend on to protect your business.

General Liability FOr TV / Satellite Cable Installers

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Installing TV / satellite equipment can be risky, considering that it involves getting on top of roofs every day. But the risks don't end with you; they also extend to your customers, since property damage is always a possibility. In particular, there's a chance you could damage the roof and other parts of the home while you're up there installing equipment. There is also a risk of your customers tripping over your tools, or possibly blaming you for any problems that occur with their TV / satellite connection once you leave.

This is why you need TV/satellite cable installer insurance with general liability coverage. If you are ever accused of damaging property or causing injuries to customers, you'll need insurance that will protect you from being personally liable for lawsuits that result from such accusations. General liability coverage could be what keeps you from losing your business or personal assets, so it is crucial that your TV/satellite cable installer insurance include it.

Tools Coverage

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TV/satellite cable installation requires the use of several tools, many of which are specialized and not easy to replace. If you would be unable to immediately replace equipment like cable strippers, compression tools, wrenches, and other gear, you need tools coverage in your TV/satellite cable installer insurance policy. Whether you lose your toolbox or it's stolen, you will be relieved to know your tools are covered by insurance.

Auto Coverage For TV / Satellite Cable Installers

As a TV/satellite cable installer, a major part of your job is driving to the homes of customers. Since your personal car insurance policy does not apply to company vehicles, or even damage caused when you're using your personal vehicle for work, you need the auto coverage that comes with TV/satellite cable installer insurance. This is especially helpful if you have employees who will also be driving to customers' homes on a regular basis. Auto coverage will pay for any property damage and injuries caused by a car accident.

workers comp Insurance For TV / Satellite Cable Installers

When your job involves climbing up ladders and working with various cables and wires, workers comp is incredibly important. You need to make sure your employees are taken care of if they are injured on the job. This means paying for their medical treatment and any loss of wages if they get hurt while installing TV/satellite cable equipment. That's why TV/satellite cable installer insurance features workers comp coverage.

Excess Liability

You never know if your policy will be enough to cover your expenses in the event of a disaster. That's why excess liability coverage is so helpful. Its purpose is to pay for any costs that go over the limits of your TV/satellite cable installer insurance policy.

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