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Insurance For Sporting Goods Stores

Sporting goods stores are popular shopping spots for men, women and families who enjoy an active lifestyle. You may have started this business because of your own enjoyment of sports and physical activities. As the owner of the business you can enjoy your hobby and passion while also earning profits. Protect the investments you’ve made by making sure you have adequate levels of business insurance.

General Liability

General liability coverage is designed to create a very broad level of business insurance protection for your sporting goods store and its shoppers. General liability pays for damages and injuries when accidents happen or lawsuits arise. This insurance will expand as needed when your business grows. This means that when you add new products, services and store locations they will be automatically protected with coverage from day one. The most important areas that a general liability insurance policy provides you coverage for include:

sporting goods store business insurance
Sports Store Insurance
General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

Business owners insurance is also known as a (BOP) and it automatically includes general liability coverage by default. Additionally, a BOP helps protect your business assets directly. It can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your company, and provides coverage for intangible business assets as well as physical ones, such as:

Business Auto

Business auto insurance protects your sporting goods store from suffering financial hardships that are caused by auto accidents. This coverage can pay for property damages or physical injuries that are caused in an accident. Varying levels of coverage offer protection from other hazards such as blown down tree limbs, theft or vandalism.

Workers Comp

Mandated by most state laws, workers comp insurance is meant to provide protection for your company employees. If one of your workers gets physically injured in an accident while performing his job duties, or if he becomes ill because of his job, this insurance will pay for the cost of his medical and recovery care bills.

Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is an added level of insurance protection for your company. When you must make claims against one of your standard commercial insurance policies, your damages may exceed the total benefits available. When that happens, an umbrella policy can pay for the costs above and beyond those limitations.

Business Insurance Sporting Goods Store

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