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Roofer Liability Insurance

If you’re a roofing contractor, insurance covering general liability is a vital part of your business. After all, yours is a risky trade and operating you own business carries with it exposure as well. You want to transfer part of that risk to a good insurance company who will be there when you need them to be.

Probably the most important roofing contractor insurance to have is called general liability (GL) insurance written especially for your risks/exposures and to protect you against a potentially catastrophic loss. A GL policy provides you with the financial protection to withstand those risks and exposures.

Costs Covered Under Roofer Liability Insurance

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Roofer liability insurance
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Your GL policy will typically pay the following expenses:

People Covered Under Roofers Liability Insurance

You, any partners (including spouses) you have or if you’re a corporation, any executive officers, stockholders and directors are protected if they are sued for an act they performed in an official capacity related to your business. Your employees are also covered.

Coverage Under Roofer Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury: This includes medical care costs, loss of services and court-awarded compensation for deaths resulting from an injury if you are ever found liable for that.

Property Damage: If something your business does (or does not do), damages another’s property and renders that property useless, this covers the damages and the loss of use.

Products and Completed Ops: In the event your roofing material is found defective or the installation of a roof is sub-par and causes damages, your GL policy will pay out.

Medical Payments: Medical payments in this section (subject to lower limits) are paid out for more minor injuries that you’re found liable for that do not reach the stage of a full blown liability suit. (Note, workers injuries are generally handled under a workers compensation policy.)

Personal and Advertising Injury: If, when advertising your business, you libel or slander a competitor, violate an individual’s privacy rights, copy another company’s way of doing business or infringe on another business’s slogan or copyright, this will cover any claims arising from those actions.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: This pays for any damage to space or structures rented or leased by your business.

Buy Roofer Liability Insurance

Contact the professionals at USA Business Insurance for comprehensive roofer contractor liability insurance.

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