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Pressure Washer Liability Insurance

Pressure washer liability insurance provides protection for your company when legal actions are taken against it for blames of liability. If your company is believed to have caused a person to be physically injured, or it is blamed for causing damage to personal property, this insurance policy helps you pay for the resulting expenses that result. It includes protective measures that help you pay for defending yourself legally, and helps you to pay medical or repair bills that you may be responsible for if you lose your court case.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Physical injury or harm can happen when you least expect it. Customers may enter your working area and accidentally trip over wires or power cords. Or they may simply visit a public store that your company operates, and drop something heavy on their toe. When they blame you, they expect your company to provide for their medical care and pay all the bills. Pressure washer general liability insurance provides these services as well as helping you to pay for legal costs that might arise when you must defend yourself in court.

Property Damage Coverage

Pressure washer liability insurance also protects you when your company is accused of causing damage to personal property. A customer may believe that your employee scraped up the wall while carrying equipment to the work area for instance, and they’ll expect your company to pay to have that wall repaired.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

Pressure washer general liability insurance continues to provide your company with measures of protection after you have finished the work you were contracted to do. Whether you are later accused of selling defective products or the customer believes the work you performed caused other types of property damages, this insurance policy provides coverage for those events.

Personal and Advertising Injury

If someone accuses your company or one of its representatives of slandering them, pressure washer liability insurance helps you to defend yourself. It also protects you when someone accuses your company of wrongdoing in its marketing and advertising campaigns.

Damage to Premises Rented To You

Leased or rented business property is always at risk of being damaged. Fires start unexpectedly and a clumsy employee may damage floors or walls while working. Pressure washer general liability insurance helps to legally defend your company when these types of lawsuits are filed, and pays for the repairs if you’re found to be responsible.

Medical Expense Limit

A medical expense limit is a section of your insurance policy that enables you to avoid costly bodily injury lawsuits and settlements. When physical injuries are minor, you may be able to avoid future litigation by offering to pay for medical care outright.

Limits of Liability Insurance for Pressure Washer

Pressures washers liability insurance contains two limitations on benefit claims. There is a maximum amount that it will pay for each individual on each claim, and there is a maximum combined total that it will pay regardless of how many people or claims are involved.

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