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Pool Cleaner Liability Insurance

As the owner of an independent pool cleaners business, your day to day activities are varied. You may spend a lot of time managing your pool cleaning employees to ensure that all of your customer’s needs are met in a timely manner or you may spend most of your time talking to customers directly to further grow your company. Taking care of all of the different details involved with owning a business can be stressful. You can ease a bit of that stress by making sure you’re carrying the correct types of small business insurance. The most important type of coverage you need is general liability insurance for pool cleaners.

Bodily Injury Coverage

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Bodily injury insurance is one part of your general liability coverage that helps protect you and your customers simultaneously. If a customer is physically injured either in your pool cleaner store or around your cleaner’s work area, this coverage helps pay for the financial expenses that arise. Expenses can include medical bills for recovery of the injuries, or legal bills if the customer files a lawsuit against you.

Property Damage Coverage

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Sometimes accidents happen while you or an employee is working. Accidents can cause damages to a customer’s property. When you damage personal property the customer fully expects you to pay for it. The property damages portion of your pool cleaners liability insurance pays for property damage repairs when the need arises.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

When you sell products and provide services to customers, there is always the small risk that harm will come to the customer because of the products or services. Products and completed operations is part of your pool cleaners general liability insurance policy that helps in that area. If, for example, one of your employee’s damages a pool’s pump while he is cleaning the pool, your products and completed operations coverage can pay for the cost of replacing that pump.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Sometimes legal allegations are made against your pool cleaning company for injuries that are not physical or property damage related. A competitor may for example, claim that your advertising was slanderous against his company. A supplier may file suit with claims that you used their company logo without permission. Personal and advertising injury coverage is the section of your pool cleaners general liability insurance policy that helps protect you legally and financially against these types of claims.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If your pool cleaning company rents a structure, store front or other property for business purposes, you’ll need rental damage coverage protection. This part of your pool cleaners general liability insurance policy is often required by the property owner before you are allowed to sign a lease. Rental premises damages insurance helps protect the structure itself from losses and damages, such as fire, flood or other harm that may be caused by your company.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expenses limit insurance is protection against larger settlements or lawsuits that can arise when someone is injured on your company’s premises, or around the work area of your employees. When the injuries are minor, this portion of your general liability insurance often pays for the medical care costs even when your company is not to blame for the injury, because it can prevent larger and more expensive issues later.

Limits of Liability Insurance

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