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Whether your company uses small to medium-sized commercial pickup trucks or large, one ton and larger sized trucks, you rely on those pickups to help you get your work done. Pickup trucks are used in a number of commercial situations. Whether your company hauls small furniture and appliances for delivery, offers trash removal services or uses a pickup truck to carry tools and supplies, you cannot afford to have something bad happen to your truck.

With so much depending on your pickup trucks, be sure to protect them to the fullest extent with the proper types of commercial auto insurance. Here are the primary types of insurance coverage you should have:

Liability InsuranceLiability insurance protects your company if one of the pickup trucks is in an auto accident and your driver is at fault. Liability is a basic level of auto insurance that is required by law in most states. A commercial liability auto insurance policy on your pickup truck will include two primary levels of protection:

Medical Payments Medical payments insurance pays for the medical bills and expenses of all people in the pickup truck at the time of an accident. This is a no-fault coverage option, which means it pays for expenses regardless of who is at fault for the auto accident. Medical payments coverage will pay the medical, hospital, recovery, funeral and other related bills for the pickup truck driver and all passengers that were in the vehicle with him.

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Physical Damage InsurancePhysical damages insurance protects your pickup truck from damages that can be caused in a myriad of ways. Property damage protection can include one or more of the following types of coverage:

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist -While basic liability auto insurance coverage is mandated by law in most of the United States, there are drivers on the road who do not carry it. There are also drivers who carry liability, but it is not enough coverage to pay for injuries and property damages. Normally when the other driver is at fault for an auto accident, their liability insurance pays for your injuries and damages. If they have no insurance however, or they do not have adequate coverage, your company could be left to pay the bills.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage will protect your company from having to pay all of the bills out of pocket when your pickup truck is involved in an accident with someone who is not insured, or not insured well enough. This coverage includes the following benefits:

Other Important Commercial Auto Insurance for PICKUP trucks includes:

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