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Painting Contractor Insurance

Owning a painting contracting business can mean your days are filled with feast or famine. Some days may be very slow with no projects scheduled, while other days it seems you don’t have enough people to cover everything you need. You work hard to keep everything flowing smoothly in your business. Relieve yourself of one major stress by making sure you have the right types of business insurance coverage options for your company.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability
Errors & Omissions
Workers Comp
Commercial Auto

General liability insurance protects you from things you don’t expect. Hazards, natural disasters and customer accidents for example, can be covered by a general liability insurance policy. General liability covers most problems that might arise in your day-to-day business operations, as long as the event is not specifically excluded on your policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

painting contractor insurance
paint contractor insurance

General liability coverage is included with a business owners policy, or BOP. A business owners policy lets you tailor property and asset protection based on your specific needs.

Workers Comp Insurance

Having a team of painting professionals is what helps your business be successful. In the United States, you are required by law to provide workers comp protection for your employees. This helps them and you if anyone ever gets hurt from an on-the-job accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Traveling to the client’s work site to provide painting services puts your company at risk of losses caused by auto accidents. A commercial auto insurance policy can pay damages or expenses for replacing vehicles if accidents happen.


Professional painting contractors need to be bonded before they can win customer contracts. A surety bond provides a guarantee to your customers that you will meet the obligations outlined in the contract.

Insurance Quote For Painting Contractors

Insurance Products

General Liability (CGL) Workers Compensation Professional Liability Business Owners Policy Commercial Auto Insurance Employment Practices Liability Directors & Officers (D&O) Excess Liability Surety Bonds

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