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Medical Equipment Supply Stores
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Medical Equipment Supply Stores

Medical equipment supply stores generally supply hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other medical facilities. Occasionally a medical supply store may sell some products, such as oxygen tanks and blood pressure cuffs, directly to consumers. Supplying such important products can put your company at risk for financial hardship when accidents happen. Protect your company and your customers with the right business insurance.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your company and your customers when accidents happen or other unexpected hazardous events occur. This is a broad level of business insurance that provides you with coverage for things you may or may not think of in advance. It also grows as your company grows, so your coverage expands to provide new protection automatically.

General Liability
Property Coverage
Workers Compensation
Medical Equipment Supply Store Insurance
Commercial General Liability
General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

General liability insurance is included in an expanded type of coverage known as a BOP, or business owners policy. The BOP coverage focuses on protecting your company from losses related to tangible business property – such as your retail supply store building or your inventory – and your intangible assets – such as identity theft or employee dishonesty. A BOP can be tailored to provide only the business insurance coverage you need, such as:

Business Auto

Business auto insurance protects you from financial hardships caused when you have an auto accident. This coverage protects delivery vehicles, business vans, passenger vehicles and more depending upon the level of coverage you select.

Workers Compensation

Workers comp insurance is required by law in most states. This insurance pays for hospitalization costs, doctor’s bills and other recovery expenses that arise for your employees if they are ever hurt on the job.

Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella coverage provides protection above and beyond your standard business insurance policies.

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Insurance Products

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