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HVAC Contractor Liability Insurance

Owning a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) business comes with a lot of activities and a lot of responsibilities. As the owner of the company you are responsible for making sure your customer’s needs are met and that they are happy with their services. You must also coordinate your employee’s schedules, installation or maintenance schedules, and keep new sales flowing so that your company can remain profitable. That’s why it’s important that you carry general liability insurance for HVAC.

Bodily Injury Coverage

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General liability insurance for heating, air conditioning and ventilation companies helps protect you legally and financially when accidents happen. If a customer has an accident at your store for example, and sustains physical injuries that must be tended to at a hospital or doctor’s office, the bodily injury portion of your insurance coverage will pay for the related care expenses.

Property Damage Coverage

hvac contractor liability insurance

When an accident damages your customer’s personal property, they expect you to pay for the repairs or to pay for replacing what was damaged. General liability insurance for HVAC includes property damages coverage for just these cases. Whether the customer’s property is damaged on your business premises or your employee damages something while performing maintenance or installing equipment, this coverage pays for the repair costs.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

When you sell products to customers, you take on the risk of something going wrong. If the product is defective for example, it may cause physical harm. Your company can be held liable for damages and injuries that are caused by products you sell or services you perform. General liability insurance for heating, air conditioning and ventilation businesses includes products and completed operations coverage to protect you from these specific risks.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Legal allegations can sometimes arise from your company advertisements or public statements. If someone feels that you caused them personal harm by slandering them for example, or by making false statements, they will file a lawsuit. If someone believes your advertising materials are misleading they may sue your company for that as well. General liability insurance for HVAC includes personal and advertising injury coverage to help protect you from these claims when they arise. It can pay for your legal expenses and it pays settlements or judgments as needed.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

When your HVAC company rents property to conduct business operations, the property that is rented or leased must be protected from potential loss or harm. Whether you rent retail space inside of a larger building or you rent warehouse or work shop space, rental premises damage protection is needed. Commercial general liability insurance for heating, air conditioning and ventilation companies can include rental premises damage protection for this purpose. If you cause damages to the property, this portion of your insurance will pay for the repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

Small accidents sometimes result in minor injuries that do not require a lot of expensive medical care and treatment. Medical expense limit coverage can be included in your general liability insurance for HVAC as a way to help prevent more expensive injury claims in the future. This coverage can pay for minor injuries without your company having to admit to being at fault.

Limits of Liability Insurance

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