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A Brief History of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler protection historically was used only in factories and large commercial buildings. In fact, the first recognizable fire sprinkler system was installed in 1812 in the UK at the Theater Royal, Drury Lane. The systems installed immediately following this up until about 1872 were not automatic. Someone had to turn on the water so it could flow through the perforated pipes.

A gentleman named Henry S. Parmalee from New Haven, Connecticut, invented the first automatic sprinkler head in 1874.

The owners of the commercial buildings where these systems were installed until the 1940s recouped their expenses with insurance cost savings. Now, as you know, fire sprinklers have turned into mandatory safety equipment in many US structures like hospitals, schools and hotels. Homes are beginning to be built with fire sprinklers installed in them, also.

Today, most sprinkler systems are installed using an area and density approach after the building has been analyzed to determine the fire hazard level.

Statistics Around Fire Sprinklers

There are over 40 million sprinkler heads used worldwide. In buildings protected by them, over 99% of fires that occurred were controlled by fire sprinklers alone.

Other statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggest that fires in hotels that had sprinklers averaged 78% less damage than fires in hotels without them. The average loss per fire in buildings with sprinklers was $2,300 compared with an average loss of $10,300 in unsprinklered structures.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Insurance

With that kind of volume, that kind of history and that kind of responsibility, you have to be spot on with your work. If any problem arises it could easily come back to your company and you could be sued. If found liable, it could even cost you your business.

Fortunately, for an affordable cost, insurance can help you protect your business against any catastrophe.

USA Insurance for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

You want to consider purchasing a thorough, reputable and reliable insurance program to protect your business from any potential hazards. This protection includes general liability, property, products and completed operations, additional insured’s, workers compensation and commercial auto as starters.

Other coverages to consider include professional liability, employer’s general liability, computer and communications equipment, valuable papers, software and data, property in transit and property away from the premises.

Contact USA Insurance today for more information about our insurance program designed just for fire sprinkler contractors.

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