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Entertainment Studios
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Entertainment Studios

Entertainment studios generally earn profits by renting out their studio space and equipment to other people. Whether your studio caters to professional recording artists or up-and-coming hopefuls, your customers must have a measure of trust in your company before they’ll pay to use your location and equipment. You can build additional trust with your customers while also making sure your entertainment studio business is fully protected from unexpected events and hazards, by carrying the appropriate types of business insurance.

General Liability

General liability insurance gives your entertainment studios a broad level of protection against unexpected events and every day hazards. For example, it protects you against having to pay for medical bills that arise when a customer injures themselves in your entertainment studio. It also pays for repair or replacement when a customer’s property is damaged while on the premises of your business. Commercial general liability can provide you with protection against lawsuits that arise due to advertising, and it can cover the legal expenses that arise from product liability cases. Several other types of coverage are included in your general liability policy, such as:

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General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy, or BOP, is more extensive commercial insurance that includes general liability. In addition to the other types of coverage already mentioned, a BOP can provide you with protection for your tangible and intangible business assets. Examples include:

Business Auto

Owners and employees of an entertainment studio may travel to business events in an automobile. Your company may even transport studio equipment to temporary locations for your clients. A business auto insurance policy can protect you from losses that arise when you or an employee is involved in an auto accident.

Workers Comp

In most states of the nation, workers comp coverage is mandated by law. Workers comp insurance pays for the medical bills and related care expenses when an employee gets injured on the job. It can pay for temporary and permanent disability when necessary, and funeral expenses if required as well.

Commercial Umbrella

A commercial umbrella insurance policy protects you when your regular business insurance coverage is maxed out. If you must make a claim against your general liability or business auto insurance policy for example, there are limits to the amount of benefits those policies will pay. Commercial umbrella insurance provides coverage above and beyond those limits to ensure your company is protected at the highest rate possible.

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