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Restaurant Insurance

Your restaurant is your pride and joy. Whether you started it as a way to share creations you make as a professional chef or you decided it was a great business to be in, you get the joy of bringing good food to your customers every day. You have to keep track of a lot of little details as a restaurant owner, and the last thing you need is to have to worry about accidents and unexpected events. Protect yourself and your investment for the long term with commercial insurance.

General Liability Insurance For Restaurants

General liability is an important overall business coverage that helps protect your restaurant from everyday hazards and problems. For example, if a customer chokes on a piece of steak while dining at your establishment, general liability can protect you from the expense of the lawsuits and settlements. General liability also provides coverage for product and advertising liability, customer property damages, and other general calamities that can arise.

Business Owners Policy For Restaurants

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Restaurant Insurance
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General liability is included with a business owners policy, or BOP. A BOP provides you with additional coverage that is specific to your business needs. It can be tailored to protect your company’s physical property and intangible assets as needed.

Business Auto Insurance For Restaurants

If your restaurant uses vehicles for any business reason, you need to protect them with commercial auto insurance. This coverage can pay for vehicle repairs damaged in an auto accident. It can also pay for medical expenses of any involved parties.

Workers Compensation For Restaurant Owners

Restaurants are successful in part due to the numerous employees that work hard there every day. By law, employers must provide workers comp insurance for all of their employees just in case there is ever an accident. When employees are injured on the job, workers compensation pays for their medical and recovery expenses.


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