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Insurance For Iron Workers & Blacksmiths

Iron workers have potentially dangerous jobs. As the owner of an iron working company, you have the additional stresses of making sure everyone is as safe as they can be. Accidents can still happen however, and your best investment is to make sure you have the right kinds of small business insurance to protect your company, yourself and your employees.

General Liability

General liability protects your company when accidents happen. It also covers general unexpected events and other hazards. From client injury to property damage to natural disasters, general liability helps protect your iron working business. This is comprehensive insurance that grows with your company. Generally, this insurance expands to cover events you may not have previously thought of as long as they’re not specifically listed on your policy as not being covered.

Business Owners Policy (bop)

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A business owners policy (BOP) combines general liability insurance with different types of property coverage. The type of coverage your BOP will protect you with depends on you. You can tailor this coverage to meet your specific business needs.

BUsiness Auto

Driving around to customer jobsites increases your auto accident potential. Commercial auto insurance can protect company, personal, rental and loaner vehicles that you use for business purposes.


Whether you have apprentice iron workers employed or just general office personnel to manage your schedule, you are required by law to protect them with workers comp insurance. Workers comp pays your employee’s medical expenses if they’re ever injured on the job.

Surety Bond

If your iron worker company wants to win big contracts, it will need to be bonded. A surety bond provides a guarantee to your customers, that you will complete the work according to the terms of the contract.

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