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Publishing books and magazines is a wonderful way to make your mark on the world. Book and magazine publishers make big impacts in the lives of their readers, writers and editors.  The number of impacts you can make rises each time you publish a new book or a new edition of your magazine.

With so many people relying on your company for information, entertainment and employment you need to make sure you have minimized every potential risk you can. Commercial insurance coverage can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business while also growing along with you.

General Liability

General Liability
Property Coverage
Professional Liability
Workers Compensation

General liability is comprehensive insurance coverage that helps protect you from injuries to customers, property damage, advertising and product liability. If a customer receives bodily injuries while at your publishing offices for example, general liability will take care of the damages. It also covers expenses if a customer’s property is damaged on your premises. General liability protects you from potential claims against advertising practices or copy you use in your business as well. It grows as you grow so that any new products or company locations you choose to add are automatically covered in the same policy.

Business Owners Policy (bop)

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A business owners policy, or BOP, provides you with general liability plus a number of other critical protection levels your small business may need.

BUsiness Auto Insurance

Even if your publishing company rarely uses automobiles for business purposes, you need to protect it from potential auto accidents. Commercial auto insurance can cover company vehicles, personal vehicles used for business purposes, and rentals or loaners as well.

WORKERS COMPensation Insurance

If you have any employees in your publishing business, you are required by law to carry workers comp insurance. This coverage helps pay an employee’s expenses if they are ever injured or made ill on the job.


Insurance Products

General Liability (CGL) Workers Compensation Professional Liability Business Owners Policy Commercial Auto Insurance Employment Practices Liability Directors & Officers (D&O) Excess Liability Surety Bonds

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