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Cigar and Tobacco Shops Workers Compensation

If you have even just one employee, you must get workers compensation for your cigar and tobacco shop. This will cover lost wages and reasonable medical care for an employee who is injured or becomes ill while working for you.

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As an option, you may choose to extend your cigar and tobacco workers compensation coverage to include business done in other states or even in other countries. If you require an employee to travel out of state, for instance on a sales trip, your coverage may not extend outside of your state. You may in this case, opt for out of state coverage.

Employer's Liability

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If one of your workers is injured while on the job, they will not need to prove you were liable to receive compensation. As long as the accident happened during the course of business, your workers compensation for cigar and tobacco shop will cover their expenses. If, however, that employee is able to prove you were liable, they may also choose to sue you. Your coverage should protect you in this instance by providing employee’s liability. This will help you with legal costs associated with any suit brought against you.

Employer's Liability in Monopolistic States

In some states, governments require that the cigar and tobacco shop workers compensation that you purchase comes from the state fund. Coverage for claims made will come from that fund. If you are in such a monopolistic state, you may need to be sure that your policy includes employer’s liability. You may need to choose it as optional coverage.

Legal Expenses

In the event that you are sued by an employee for an accident that occurred at work or an illness that was acquired by being at work, legal expenses can accumulate quickly. Fees for attorneys, damages, and investigations may be covered by your workers compensation business insurance for your cigar and tobacco shop.

Third-Party Suits

In some cases, when an employee is injured at your shop, they may believe that liability lies with a third party. For instance, if using a lighter results in a burn and your employee believes that the lighter was faulty, they may choose to sue the manufacturer rather than you as the business owner. The maker of the lighter may in turn sue you or your business. Your cigar and tobacco shop workers compensation insurance may need to include coverage for this type of event. If you are sued by a third party, the employer’s liability should cover your expenses. This could include attorney fees, investigative costs, any additional legal fees, and damages if they are awarded. Workers compensation is a no-fault type of insurance, however, so it is unlikely that you will be found liable unless your culpability was very obvious.

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