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A CV, or Cargo Van, is used in a number of different types commercial enterprises. Cargo Vans are similar to large passenger vans, but they generally do not have windows or glass along the side. Instead the body is made of solid metal so that different types of cargo can be easily and efficiently carries.

Cargo vans are often found in carpet cleaning businesses, for florist or cake decorating deliveries, as mechanic repair vehicles and in small courier businesses. When you use a cargo van in your own business, you must be sure you have it fully protected with the right types of auto insurance coverage. Without adequate coverage, your business can suffer from severe financial hardships that arise due to auto accidents or other incidents that cause damage. Here are the most important types of commercial auto insurance you should carry on your company’s cargo van:

Liability InsuranceLiability insurance pays other people when your van causes or is at fault for an accident. Liability insurance is required coverage by law and the minimum amount you can carry varies from state to state. Liability insurance consists primarily of two important coverages:

Your commercial liability insurance policy can be structured as a split claim policy or as a single claim limit policy. Single claim limits provide a maximum amount of coverage per accident. Split claim policies provide specific maximum levels of coverage for three areas: Per person, total bodily injury, and total property damages.

If for example, your split claim policy is structured at $25,000/$75,000/$50,000 then that defines the maximum amounts the policy will pay. It will pay a maximum of $25,000 per person for bodily injuries but no more than $50,000 total for all bodily injuries combined. It will also pay no more than $50,000 total for property damages. A single claim policy of $100,000 pays a maximum total of $100,000 per accident regardless of how much of the claim is for bodily injuries or how much is for property damages.

You must select a split claim or single claim policy when you set up your commercial auto insurance policy. You must also choose a deductible at that time, which is the amount you will pay out of pocket when making an insurance claim.

Medical PaymentsIf the driver of your cargo van is injured in an accident, their medical bills and expenses can be paid with medical payments coverage. This coverage protects all passengers in the vehicle as well, and it pays out benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Medical payments coverage is not available everywhere, so contact one of our licensed representatives to see if it is available for your company’s policy.

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Physical Damage InsurancePhysical damages insurance protects your cargo van itself. This coverage can pay for repairs or replacements that are needed due to a number of unexpected hazards, accidents and events. Physical damages insurance is important for companies that least their cargo vans because it provides the highest level of protection you can get. For this reason it is also quite important for small businesses that have an outstanding auto loan or lien on their van.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist - If another driver causes an accident, their auto insurance is supposed to pay for the damages to your driver, passengers, and the cargo van. If that vehicle is not covered with basic insurance however, your company is left to pay your own repair costs. Drivers that do carry insurance do not always carry enough however, and that can leave you paying some of the bills as well. An uninsured or underinsured motorist policy helps protect your company from these risks. When the other driver is at fault for the accident but does not have the means to pay for damages, your policy will do so instead. Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance provides similar protection as your liability policy does.

Other Important Commercial Auto Insurance for CARGO VAN:

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