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Cabinet Installer Liability Insurance

Cabinet installer liability insurance is for independent and solo cabinet installer professionals as well as multi-employee contracting firms. This coverage helps to pay for legally defending yourself and your company, if you are sued because of physical injuries, damages to personal property, and other types of liability that often bring litigation actions. Additionally, this commercial insurance pays for any judgments or monetary settlements if you’re found to be at fault.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injuries are physical harm that often results from minor and major accidents. When injuries are more than minor, they may require immediate medical care, emergency room treatment, surgeries and treatments by specialists. Additionally there may be ongoing recovery costs, medications and more. If your company is judged to be responsible for the injuries that occurred, when the incident happened on your business location or on a work site where your company was conducting business, general liability pays for the necessary care.

Property Damage Coverage

Cabinet installer liability insurance also protects your company against allegations of personal property damage. Because much of the work services your company provides are on site at a customer’s home, if any damages are discovered around the same time then the customer will likely believed that one of your workmen caused the harm. General liability pays for your legal defenses in these cases, and pays for the repairs if you are found to have caused the damage.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance for cabinet installers includes protection against civil lawsuits that may get filed due to work you have previously performed. When your completed operations, or products you have sold to a customer, are believed to have caused property damages then the customer will sue your firm. This provision of your policy protects you from those risks.

Personal and Advertising Injury

General liability insurance for cabinet installers provides you with protection when you are sued for  personal and advertising injuries. An advertising injury lawsuit may involve an accusation that your company used unlicensed materials in a print ad, or that it made misleading statements. Personal injury suits occur when individuals believe your company or one of its representatives harmed their reputation or caused them a loss of business because of something said or implied.

Damage to Premises Rented To You

Cabinet installer liability insurance helps protect you from expensive lawsuits and the costs of having to repair damages when your company leases or rents its business property. Whether an employee cuts backs machinery into a fence or one of your shop machines shorts out and starts a fire, this section of your insurance pays for damages when you’re deemed to be responsible for them.

Medical Expense Limit

General liability insurance for cabinet installers can help you avoid expensive litigation and settlements, with the medical expense limit. This option of your insurance can be used when there are physical bodily injuries that are relatively minor. If the treatment for those injuries is paid for by your company, it often has the effect of helping you to avoid future lawsuits and bills.

Limits of Liability Insurance for Cabinet Installers

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