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Insurance For Subcontractors

Owners of subcontracting businesses must be team players. The primary client is another contracting company and your job is to make sure they get the services or products they need to complete their contracts and obligations. Protect your subcontracting company from the wide number of problems that can arise with the right types of commercial insurance coverage.

general liability

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General liability insurance is much like it sounds. It provides you with general protection against a number of different types of liability that can arise in your business operations. It can protect you from liability that arises from products, services or advertising. It can protect you from financial hardship caused by unexpected events and hazards. General liability protects you from all problems unless they are specifically excluded from your insurance policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners insurance policy is designed to protect you from specific types of tangible and intangible financial losses. This policy includes general liability and allows you to pick and choose specific types of additional property protection.

Commercial Auto

Subcontractors travel regularly from one jobsite to another. With frequent driving, the chances of having an auto accident increase dramatically. Commercial auto insurance protects you from related accident losses and expenses.

Workers Comp

Workers comp insurance is required for all companies that have employees. Workers comp pays for your employee’s medical bills and related expenses if they are ever injured on the job.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions, is designed to protect you from financial liability that arises due to mistakes you make as a professional.

Surety Bond

As a subcontractor, your customers rely on your products and services to complete their own professional contracts. If you fail to deliver, your customers may suffer big financial losses of their own. A surety bond provides guarantees to your customers that you will fulfill the obligations specified in your contracts.

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General Liability (CGL) Workers Compensation Professional Liability Business Owners Policy Commercial Auto Insurance Employment Practices Liability Directors & Officers (D&O) Excess Liability Surety Bonds

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