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Bumsiness Insurance For Carpet Cleaners

Running your own carpet or rug cleaning business is both rewarding and stressful at the same time. Through the services your company offers, you are able to make your customers happy each time you service them because you are instilling pride in their home. They are happy with the clean look and smell of their carpets and rugs and they're grateful that they don't have to do all of the hard cleaning work themselves.

As your carpet cleaning business becomes more popular your life gets much busier. Soon you'll find yourself hiring additional employees so that you'll have enough cleaning crews to meet the increased scheduling demands of your customers. As with any business, the carpet cleaning company's hectic schedule and growing employee base needs to be accommodated with the appropriate amount of small business insurance protection.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance For Carpet Cleaners
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Carpet cleaning businesses need general liability insurance as a base, or blanket commercial insurance protection policy that compliments your industry specific policies. General liability insurance helps you to ensure your company is protected for all of the miscellaneous small accidents and problems you may not have previously thought of. With general liability insurance you don't have to worry about whether your insurance policy specifically covers a given problem or event because general liability covers most things that are not specifically listed as ineligible on the policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners insurance policy is important for carpet cleaning companies because it helps protect your primary business areas and equipment. Business owners insurance will help you pay for temporary office space if something happens to your primary workplace for example, and it may provide replacement or reparation costs for customer documentation and media files that were lost with your primary office space as well.

Commercial Auto

Carpet cleaning companies accomplish their primary work service at the customer's residence or office, so it's common for cleaning crews to travel in moving vehicles to go to, from or between work locations. Business auto insurance policies help protect your company vehicles, equipment and employees in the event that an accident occurs. Since your carpet cleaning company relies so heavily on having working, reliable vehicles in action at all times in order to earn money, comprehensive commercial auto insurance coverage is recommended.

Workers Comp

When your company hires employees in the United States, the company is required by law to provide workers compensation insurance. Workers comp will pay for the medical and hospital care expenses of your employees if they are injured in an accident while working. Workers comp insurance also covers the employee's medical costs if they are made sick from something they came into contact with while on the job as well.


Surety bonds are often needed by carpet cleaning companies before they can win specific types of cleaning contracts. If your company wants to provide the carpet cleaning services for your local government buildings and offices for example, you may be required to purchase a surety bond before you can even bid on the contract. Surety bonds are simple guarantees of performance. The bond may guarantee your customer that you will complete a specific contract job on time and on budget for example, and if an emergency arises that prevents you from completing the work you agreed to, your customer will be paid for damages and losses caused.

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