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Tech Startup Insurance FAQ

Tech Startup Insurance FAQ Insurance policies are hard to understand no matter what they cover, but when you’re starting your own tech business, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Tech startups bring a … Read More »

commercial liability insurance

10 Types of Business Insurance Every Startup Needs

10 Types of Business Insurance Every Startup Needs If you’re in the process of starting your own business, you’ve put in a lot of your own sweat, money, and time. But despite all your hard … Read More »

cyber attack insurance

Cyber Liability: How To Protect Your Business

Cyber attacks have been in the news quite a bit as of late. Home Depot and Target both had major data breaches that compromised the credit card information of millions of customers. Sony Pictures suffered … Read More »

Business Insurance for Tech Start-ups: Why It’s a Necessity

As the owner of a tech or lean startup, you might think business insurance is a luxury to be considered at a later date. But, if your startup is dependent upon others to become profitable, … Read More »

How is Commercial General Liability Different from Errors and Omissions

Liability protects your company from accidents that result from outside influence. Errors and Omissions protect you from liability that can arise due to mistakes you or one of your licensed employee’s personally makes. General liability … Read More »

Florist Errors and Omission Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is also known as professional liability coverage. This insurance is designed to protect your clients and customers from harm that is caused by professional mistakes you make. Many small businesses assume … Read More »