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Small Business Insurance

  Small business insurance consists of a number of different types of commercial insurance options that are designed to protect your company from suffering severe financial losses. Without small business insurance coverage, if you are … Read More »

Surety Bond for Gas Stations

A surety bond is a financial instrument that provides a guarantee of a specific kind. Depending upon the type of surety bond you secure for your company, you may be guaranteeing a level of service, … Read More »

Businesses that Qualify for BOP Policy

A business owners policy, or BOP, is designed to help small businesses create a custom tailored package of insurance that meets their business needs. It helps ensure that your company is fully covered for the … Read More »

Business Insurance for Auto Transport Company

Owning an auto transport company means that you must instill trust in your customers. Without trust, it will be difficult to generate, maintain or grow your business income. Auto transport companies provide a service to … Read More »

What You Need to Know About Workers Comp Insurance

Workers comp insurance is a mandatory coverage that all employers in the United States must carry. It serves two primary purposes: It protects you, the employer, from being sued by employees when they are injured … Read More »

What Does Business Insurance Cover ?

Business insurance is designed to protect your company from suffering financial losses due to accidents, injuries, and unexpected events. The types of things your insurance can protect you from vary based on the type of … Read More »

Liability Insurance for Mall

Commercial general liability insurance is an important coverage for all businesses to carry. It’s critical for a mall to carry however, because of the large amount of consumer traffic that comes through the premises daily. … Read More »

How is Commercial General Liability Different from Errors and Omissions

Liability protects your company from accidents that result from outside influence. Errors and Omissions protect you from liability that can arise due to mistakes you or one of your licensed employee’s personally makes. General liability … Read More »

Florist Errors and Omission Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is also known as professional liability coverage. This insurance is designed to protect your clients and customers from harm that is caused by professional mistakes you make. Many small businesses assume … Read More »

Employee at job site using alcohol is there coverage if injured on site for workers compensation

When an employee is injured on a job site, normally he is compensated for his injuries through workers compensation. This coverage is designed to protect the employee from having to pay large medical bills, expenses … Read More »