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Auto Detailer Liability Insurance

If you own one of the more than 62,000 car wash and auto detailing businesses in the US, auto detailer liability insurance is a necessity (Source: IBISWorld). This is a fast-growing industry, and it will continue to grow as the economy improves since more people now have the disposable income to pay professionals to wash their cars.

If you want to benefit from this trend, it's time to get the right auto detailer liability insurance policy for your business. But first, make sure you know what it will cover.

Liability Insurance Will Cover These Expenses

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You can expect your auto detailer liability insurance policy to cover a variety of expenses involved in running a business, such as the following:

Auto Detailer Liability Insurance
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Who is Covered?

In general, your auto detailer liability insurance policy will cover anyone who works for your business in any capacity. For example, your employees will get the coverage, whether they detail cars or answer phones in your office. If you have any business partners, executives, stockholders, or anyone else who is invested in your auto detailing business, they will have the coverage, as well.

Common General Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury: The reason you need bodily injury coverage on your auto detailer liability insurance policy is to ensure that the medical bills of people who are injured on your property get paid. For instance, if someone trips over the hose you use to wash cars, bodily injury will pay for the trip to the emergency room and any physical therapy or other related medical services that may be needed after that.

Property Damage: One of the most important aspects of your auto detailer liability insurance is property damage coverage. This is because you work with some of the most expensive pieces of property your customers will ever own, which means you will owe a lot of money if you accidentally damage a car that you're washing. Having this coverage can give you and your customers peace of mind as you detail cars.

Products and Completed Ops: Another way to protect your customers and your business is to make sure you have products and completed ops as part of your auto detailer liability insurance policy. This way, if any of your car detailing products or services harms a customer, your policy will pay for any resulting expenses.

Medical Payments: If you cause injury to a customer but he or she chooses not to sue your business, the medical payments coverage on your policy can pay for the health care bills. This is ideal for smaller claims because it has lower limits.

Personal and Advertising Injury: You should not need to pay out of pocket to defend yourself when a competitor alleges that you libeled, slandered, or infringed on their copyright. Instead, this coverage can pay for your legal costs.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: If you rent a property for your car detailing business and it ends up damaged, this coverage can pay for repairs.

Now that you know what most auto detailer liability insurance policies include, feel free to come to USA Business Insurance to get a quote.

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