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Owning art studios and galleries allows you to enjoy something you love while also earning a living. You’re also able to help discover up and coming new artists. As a business owner, there are a lot of things you have to manage and track so that your company remains successful. In addition to meeting customer needs, you must reassure new artists while also keeping employees focused and on track. One thing that you shouldn’t have to worry about is problems that arise from accidents or unexpected events. Protect your company with business insurance for art studios and galleries.

General Liability Insurance FOr Galleries

General liability is business insurance that helps you went unexpected events, accidents and other risks arise. The various levels of protection provided through your commercial liability insurance are designed for the benefit of your customers as well as your company. It will also expand your protection as your company expands. When you add a second or third art gallery for example, your general liability insurance will provide protection for it even if you have not added it to your policy.

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General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Insurance Policy For Art Gallery

Business owners insurance, or a business owners policy (BOP) will provide you with general liability coverage in addition to specific asset protection. A BOP is customizable coverage for your company. This means that you can pick and choose only the types of coverage you actually need. BOP protects your physical, tangible and intangible assets from loss and damages. The types of coverage you may select in this type of policy include:

Business Auto Insurance For Art Gallery

As the owner of art galleries and studios, you travel frequently. You may need to drive to view new potential artwork to put onto display or you may need to travel to meet with special clients. Business auto insurance protects your company when an auto accident happens. If you or one of your staff members is involved in an auto accident when driving for business reasons, this insurance can pay for many different types of damages. Depending on the levels of coverage you select, it pays for repairs and replacements to property, medical bills for bodily injuries, losses caused by theft and more.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Art Gallery

According to the law of most states, an employer must carry workers comp insurance for all employees who are on the payroll. Workers comp provides coverage for your staff if they ever become injured in an accident on the job. Workers comp will pay the employee’s temporary disability expenses if they must be off work for recovery. It also pays hospital or emergency care expenses and follow up costs such as rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Commercial Umbrella Policy For Art Gallery

When major accidents happen they can become very expensive. Sometimes your standard business insurance policies may reach their maximum benefit payout limits when there are a lot of damages or injuries to account for. When those maximums are reached, a commercial umbrella policy can provide you with additional levels of benefit payments.

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